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Description & Details:

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Cat Ref: DAY3CD028

Order Code: DAY3CD028

Label: ONE DAY

No. of Discs: 3

Price: POA
Track Listing:


1. Lover Please-Clyde McPhatter

2. Spooky-George Barnes

3. Kissin' Tree-Johnny Preston

4. Genie Bom Beanie-Jivin'Gene

5. If a Woman Answers (Hang Up The Phone)-Leroy Van Dyke

6. It's Sure Gonna Hurt-Dolly Parton

7. He Got What He Wanted (But He Lost What He Had)-Little Richard

8. Walk On The Wild Side-Brook Benton

9. You've Got To Learn-Charles Aznavour

10. Achin', Breakin' Heart-George Jones

11. More Than You Know-The Platters

12. I Gotta Run-Bobby Scott

13. Go On Home-Patti Page

14. You're Getting All Over Me -James O'Gwynn

15. Be Bop Country Boy-Young Jessie

16. She's Coming Home-The Chanteers

17. Lover's Hell-Merle Kilgore

18. Ahab The Arab-Ray Stevens

19. Stop-Clyde McPhatter

20. I Know You're Married (But I Love You Still)-Jimmie Skinner

21. Sugar Plum-Ike Clanton

22. Guilty-Billy Eckstine

23. Tennessee Waltz-Damita Jo

24. Young Hearts-Paul Peek

25. A Taste Of Honey-Quincy Jones


1. The Love You Gave-Dolly Parton

2. Let's Leave It That Way-Johnny Preston

3. Little Bitty Pretty One-Clyde McPhatter

4. Still Waters Run Deep-Brook Benton

5. I Waited-The Chanteers

6. Waltz Of The Angels-George Jones & Marge Singleton

7. It's Magic-The Platters

8. A Boy With A Dream-Michael Allen

9. The Champ-Ike Clanton

10. I Sat Back And Let It Happen-Leroy Van Dyke

11. Midnight Limbo-The Tides

12. The Boys Night Out-Patti Page

13. AinĀ“t NothinĀ“ But A Man-Merle Kilgore

14. Dear One -Darrell McCall

15. Little Pixie-David Carroll & His Orch.

16. One Dead Man Ago-Jimmie Skinner

17. Little Old Lady That Lived In A Shoe-Wally Wiggins

18. I Do Believe-Clyde McPhatter

19. My Name Is Mud-James O'Gwynn

20. You Take The Table (And I'll Take The Chairs)-Claude Gray

21. Cold, Cold Heart-Dinah Washington

22. Furthermore-Ray Stevens

23. House Of Horrors-Merv Griffin

24. Hit Record-Brook Benton

25. Sally Goodin-Tommy Jackson


1. When My Heart Hurts No More-George Jones

2. Heartbreak-The Platters

3. Let's Cry Together-Patti Page

4. Maybe-Clyde McPhatter

5. I Want To Be Loved-Dinah Washington

6. On The Street Where You Live-Quincy Jones

7. Shy Boy-George McCannon

8. A Stranger to Me-Jerry Modine

9. Makin' Up-Ike Clanton

10. You've Let Yourself Go-Charles Aznavour

11. Let The Big Boss Man (Pull You Through)-Johnny Preston

12. Lie To Me-Brook Benton

13. Black Cloud-Leroy Van Dyke

14. Do You Care-Little Richard

15. A Girl Named Liz -Merle Kilgore

16. I Love A Fool-David Atkinson

17. Every Time I Hear Your Name-Patti Page

18. I Want To Be Where You're Gonna Be-George Jones & Margie Singleton

19. Just A Little Boy-The Chanteers

20. Do It Again-Shirley Horn

21. Saturday Night At The Movies-Ray Stevens

22. The Best Man Cried-Clyde McPhatter

23. Raincheck-Art Farmer

24. Till There Was You-Billy Ecksine

25. Tongue Tied Over You-Rusty Draper

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