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Description & Details:

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Cat Ref: NOT2CD454

Order Code: NOT2CD454

Label: NOT NOW

No. of Discs: 2

Price: POA
Track Listing:

1. Travelin' Blues

2. I Miss You Baby

3. Cold, Cold Feeling

4. Welcome Blues (Say Pretty Baby)

5. Bye Bye Baby

6. I Got The Blues

7. You Don't Love Me

8. Here In The Dark

9. Lollie Lou

10. Teenage Baby

11. Tell Me What's The Reason

12. Evil Hearted Woman

13. I Walked Away

14. Strollin' With Bone

15. Blues Is A Woman

16. The Hustle Is On

17. Strugglin' Blues

18. Street Walking Woman

19. Baby Broke My Heart

20. Pony Tail

21. Everytime

22. High Society

23. Through With Women

24. Get These Blues Off Me

25. Long Distance Blues

Disc: 2

1. I Got The Blues Again

2. Wanderin' Heart

3. News For My Baby

4. When The Sun Goes Down

5. Party Girl

6. The Hard Way

7. Blue Mood

8. My Baby Is Now On My Mind

9. Vida Lee

10. Life Is Too Short

11. I Get So Weary

12. You Don't Understand

13. I'm About To Lose My Mind

14. Love Is Just A Gamble

15. Alimony Blues

16. Glamour Girl

17. Got No Use For You

18. I'm Still In Love With You

19. Look Me In the Eye

20. No Reasonr

21. I'll Understand

22. Too Lazy

23. Railroad Station Blues

24. You Just Wanted To Use Me

25. The Sun Went Down

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