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Description & Details:

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Cat Ref: NOT2CD457

Order Code: NOT2CD457

Label: NOT NOW

No. of Discs: 2

Price: POA
Track Listing:

1. Will You Love Me Tomorrow

2. Dedicated To The One I Love

3. Baby It s You

4. I Don't Want To Cry

5. Blue Holiday

6. Mama Said

7. Boys

8. I'll Do The Same Thing Too

9. What A Sweet Thing That Was

10. Look A Here Baby

11. My Willow Tree

12. Please Be My Boyfriend

13. You Don't Want My Love

14. A Teardrop And A Lollipop

15. The Things I Want to Hear (Pretty Words)

16. Tonight At The Prom

17. My Love Is A Charm

18. Twenty-One

19. Without A Word Of Complaint

20. Slop Time

Disc: 2

1. Tonight's the Night

2. Big John

3. The First One

4. I Met Him On A Sunday

5. Doin' The Ronde

6. A Thing of the Past

7. I Saw A Tear

8. It's Mine

9. Johnny On My Mind

10. Lower The Flame

11. Oh, What A Waste Of Love

12. I Got The Message

13. Rainbow Valley

14. Unlucky

15. Stop Me

16. What's Mine Is Yours

17. I Want You To Be My Boyfriend

18. The Dance Is Over

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