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Cat Ref: DAY3CD025

Order Code: DAY3CD025


No. of Discs: 3

Price: POA
Track Listing:

CD1 1.Little Bitty Pretty One - Thurston Harris 2.I Wish I Could Shimmy Like My Sister Kate - The Olympics 3.You're The One For Me - Doyle Wilson with Jimmy Lacey & Band 4.King Kong - Big "T" Tyler 5.Cry, Cry, Cry - Bobby Bland 6.John John - Aggie Dukes 7.The Livin' End - Scott Engel & Count Dracula & The Boys 8.Freeway - The Fugitives 9.I'll Always Be In Love With You - Charles Brown 10.Bom Bom Lulu - Gene & Eunice 11.Ray Pearl - The Jivers 12.Smack Smack - Marvin & Johnny 13.Oh! Yes - The Charmers 14.Gonzo - James Booker 15.Do What You Did - Thurston Harris & The Sharps 16.Please Be My Girlfriend - The Spotlighters 17.Crazy With You - Jeanette Baker 18.Annie Get Your Yo-Yo - Little Junior Parker 19.Lock My Heart - The Sharps 20.Pledging My Love - Johnny Ace 21.Cherry Lips - The Robins 22.So Afraid - The Tantones 23.Now You Tell Me - The Cupids 24.Consideration - The Four Palms 25.13 Women - Chance Halladay CD2 1.Sadie Green-Big 'T' Tyler 2.Don't Cry No More-Bobby Bland 3.Rock All Nite-Shirley & Lee 4.It Feels Good-Crawford Brothers 5.Be Baba Leba-Thurston Harris 6.Fugitive-The Fugitives 7.Just Like That-The Robins 8.The Scotch-The Olympics 9.Our Love Is Here To Stay-The Sharps 10.I Gotta Go Home-Gene & Eunice 11.Dear Little One-The Jivers 12.Stand By Me-Little Junior Parker 13.Limbo-Calimbo Steel Band 14.Let's Elope-The Lovers 15.Tell Me-The Tantones 16.Yak Yak-Marvin & Johnny 17.Confidential-Charles Brown 18.Want You for My Own-The Minor Bops 19.Whisper-The Spotlighters 20.Teenagers In Love-Woody Thorne 21.Every Day Of The Week-Amos Milburn 22.My Resolution-The Troopers 23.But Officer-Sonny Knight with Orchestra 24.What Will I Gain-The Sharps 25.Yellow Bird-Arthur Lyman CD3 1.Peanut Butter-The Marathons 2.Dance With A Dolly…- The Olympics 3.Hey Little Girl-Thurston Harris 4.One, Two, Let's Rock-Sugar Pie & Pee Wee 5.Good For Nothin'- Scott Engel & Count Dracula & The Boys 6.Let The Good Times Roll-Shirley & Lee 7.Sadie Lou-Woody Thorne 8.I Ain't Guilty-Crawford Brothers 9.Jeanie, Joanie, Shirley, Toni-The Four Palms 10.Anymore-Johnny Ace 11.Turn On Your Love Light-Bobby Bland 12.Need You Tonight-The Minor Bops 13.Little Mama-The Jivers 14.This Is My Story-Gene & Eunice 15.Shufflin'-The Sharps 16.Mary Jo-Little Junior Parker 17.I Wanna Be Loved-The Lovers 18.Slip - Slop-Thurston Harris 19.Dear Little One-The Jivers 20.Get Out-The Troopers 21.P.B. Baby-Wilbur Whitfield & The Pleasers 22.Lillie Mae-The Cupids 23.The Twist-The Olympics 24.Ain't I Talkin' To You Baby- Sheri Washington & Band 25.Cherie-The Jivers
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